The Early Years

The Early Years: more important than we ever thought. We know, without a doubt, that the first eight years of every child's life can make all the difference to their futures. These are the years that enrich our lives. The Early Years is a place where you can find information, insight, resources and more if you're responsible for the wellbeing of one of our amazing under-8s.

Zero to eight make life great!

  • zero to one

    Babies thrive off of interaction and attachment. Making sure your baby feels safe and loved is a great way of setting your little one up for life.
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  • one to three

    Babies learn all the sounds they need to be able to speak by one year of age, so from ages one to three it's all about growing, speaking, comprehension and co-ordination. How exhausting!
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  • three to five

    You’ll have a chatty chipmunk on your hands. Kids start talking in basic sentences and begin asking lots of questions from three, and so begins their social life, just in time for Kindy.
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  • five to eight

    They're growing up! The transition from kindy kid to big school kid is underway, learning lots of new and handy lifelong skills at big school.
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